Easy vector symmetry for

Sketch and improvise symmetrical artwork.
Export print quality vectors for laser cutters,
3D printers and CNC machines.

Super easy symmetry tools.

Easy sketching & revisioning

All lines can be moved and restyled at will. Draw your stuff. Revise. Move lines around and tweak your design.

Infinite resolution

Zoom in as much as you like, all lines are infinitely crisp. Create massive prints with no pixelation.

Pressure sensitive devices

Express yourself with pressure sensitive devices like drawing tablets, pads and screens. Works with iPads, Wacom tablets and many, many others.

Keep your current workflow.

Vector exportsPro feature

The exported .SVGs are well organized with layers and groups. It’s easy to import into Illustrator, Affinity etc. and continue working on the project with the tools you know best.

Export .STLs for 3D printersPro feature

Projects are neatly exported as .STL files for import into Blender, PrusaSlicer or any other 3D software or slicer you prefer.

Offline desktop versionPro feature

Work on your projects without an internet connection and save project files locally on all your devices.

From inspiration into production.

Made for laser cutter & CNC work

Mandala.cafe was first conceived as a tool for laser cutters and CNC machines, from the perspective of laser cutter, CNC and 3D printer artists.

Single purchase

You buy it, you keep it. No hidden costs. The desktop version will keep working forever, and you will keep receiving updates for the major version.

Continuous development

Updates for new brushes and features are added as the application develops. Drop us a note if you have any feature requests!

No hidden charges.
Pay once, use forever.

Mandala.cafe Pro
Current version: v2.5.4
One-time payment!
🐣 Spring pricing! 🌿
  • Includes desktop application (Windows & Mac OS)
  • Save & open .mcafe projects
  • .SVG, .PNG and .STL exports
  • Raster and vector imports
  • Commercial use license
  • Continuous updates!
Screenshot of Mandala.cafe